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“Previously, artificial prostheses were used in these operations and that would gradually bring about some complications while the problem can be solved through applying modern surgical methods”, Dr. Mohammad Ghasem Mohseni told IRNA after conducting a modern male sexual dysfunction surgery on Thursday.

He continued: “This patient had an operation 12 years ago; however, the prosthesis and some parts of the genitals were damaged and required an operation”.

Dr. Mohseni asserted that in the said operation, the damaged parts were operated, previous prostheses were taken out and epicoplasty was used for repairing the lesion. The new prosthesis was also placed. Besides the point that the operation took four hours, he added that operations in this area are difficult and sensitive due to its adjacency to the urinary tract but the operation was hopefully successful.

 Dr. Jalil Hosseini, the Head of the Iranian Urological Association, says that surgical methods are used as alternatives when drugs and injections are no longer responding to male sexual dysfunction problems.

He further cited that prosthesis was previously used for sexual dysfunction problems which failed to respond to drug regimens. Therefore, the prostheses had to be changed because they would progressively create problems for the patient. Yet, balloons and special cylinders used in this new method can mechanically solve the problem.

According to Dr. Hosseini, applying the experiences of other countries in this very field can contribute to the efforts of Iranian physicians to accomplish modern sexual dysfunction treatments. With the 14th Congress of the Iranian Urological Association, the operation performed on Thursday was a step taken along with this objective.

 The 14th Congress of the Iranian Urological Association was held on May 3-6, 2011.



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