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Sina Specialized and subspecialty Hospital

Ghanbar Naderi, Press TV, Tehran

Iran ranks first in kidney transplantation in the Middle East and fourth in organ transplantation in the world. But experts and officials at the Annual Organ Transplantation Seminar say more needs to be done before organ donation could become altruistic and widespread.

The Iranian Health Ministry officials say, during the past two decades, advances in medical sciences has led to greater success in transplantation and to increased numbers of patients on waiting lists.

In 1988, a compensated and regulated living-unrelated donor organ transplant program was adopted in Iran. As a result, the number of organ transplants increased, such that in 1999, the waiting list was once eliminated.

Experts also say the transplant community has to adopt new strategies to expand the donor pool and eliminate the waiting lists.

The Annual Organ Transplantation Seminar was held at Tehran's Sina Hospital. The main topics of discussions were: Developing and promoting programs on organ transplantation, bridging the gap between supply and demand, strengthening public awareness and cooperation, coordinating national donor centers, as well as regulating and funding the transplant process to eliminate or alleviate the waiting lists.

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Professors and doctors
Dr. Gheini Mohammad Reza, Neurologist Assistant Professor of “Neurology”
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Dr. Gouran Savadkouhi Dariush, Orthopedic Surgeon (Knee Surgery Fellowship) Associate Professor of “Orthopedic Surgery (Knee Surgery Fellowship)”
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Dr. Siavashi Babak, Orthopedic Surgeon Assistant Professor of “Orthopedic Surgery”
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Dr. Arezoo Ahmadi, Anesthesiologist & Intensive Care Specialist
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Dr. Mohseni Mohammad Ghasem, Urologist Associate Professor of “Urology”
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Dr : Hamed basir ghafory Emergency Medicine Specialist
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Dr. Ahmadi Seyed Ali, Pathologist
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Dr. Abbas Amirjamshidi, Neurosurgeon
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Dr. Geranpayeh Lobat, General Surgeon Assistant Professor of “General Surgery”
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Dr. Farsi Davoud, Emergency Medicine Specialist Assistant Professor of “Emergency Medicine”
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