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Sina Specialized and subspecialty Hospital

Dr. Michael Douglas, Head of American College of Clinical Pharmacy and his accompanying colleague, Dr. Wafa Dahdal visited Sina University Hospital. American College of Clinical Pharmacy is the first organization with 30 years of experience and 12,000 clinical specialist members and is capable of transferring invaluable information and knowledge of the field to us. Dr. Douglas and accompanying body were invited by Tehran University of Medical Sciences to visit TUMS affiliated hospitals including Sina Hospital. They visited the ICU Department of Sina Hospital and patient care; they also took a tour to some other hospitals within two consecutive days. Suggestions and future plans would be reviewed and planned for in a near future.


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Time & Date: 03:41- 1399/12/19
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Professors and doctors
Dr. Farsi Davoud, Emergency Medicine Specialist Assistant Professor of “Emergency Medicine”
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Dr : Nader tavakoli Emergency Medicine Specialist
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Dr. Sharifi Alireza, Gastroenterologist Assistant Professor of “Gastroenterology”
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Dr. Moini Majid, Vascular Surgery Subspecialist Associate Professor of “Vascular Surgery”
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Dr. Gooran Shahram, Urologist Assistant Professor of “Urology”
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Dr. Seyed Mohammad Kazem Aghamir, Urologist (Endourology Fellowship)
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Dr. Salimzadeh Ahmad, Rheumatologist. Associate Professor of “Rheumatology”
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Dr. Sadat Mir Mostafa, Orthopedic Surgeon Associate Professor of “Orthopedic Surgery”
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Dr. Nikoobakht Mohammad Reza , Urologist Professor of “Urology”
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Dr. Farasat Ebrahim, Cardiologist Assistant Professor of “Cardiology”
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