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Sina Specialized and subspecialty Hospital

According to the recent results of Essential Science Indicators Ranking Station in May, Tehran University of Medical Sciences had a promotion of 129 ranks and is now placed in the 1341 global rank, TUMS Department of Scientometric reported.

Based on the new ranking, TUMS is upgraded by 89 ranks and is now placed 973rd in Clinical Medicine. This is the first time that the said branch manages to achieve a ranking below 1000. Toxicology and Pharmacology were also ascended by 24 steps and are now in the 329th place. In Social Sciences, TUMS is among the 1% high ranking universities (ranked 677) which means a jump (65 ranks) compared to two months ago. The average number of referrals to each article was generally reported at 4.28.


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Professors and doctors
Dr. Arezoo Ahmadi, Anesthesiologist & Intensive Care Specialist
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Dr. Sahraian Mohammad Ali , Neurologist (MS Fellowship) Associate Professor of “Neurology (MS Fellowship)”
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Dr. Pourmand Gholamreza, Urologist Professor of “Urology”
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Dr. Golbakhsh Mohammad Reza, Orthopedic Surgeon Assistant Professor of “Orthopedic Surgery”
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Dr. Mehrsai Abdolrasoul , Urologist Professor of “Urology”
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Dr : korosh karimi yarandi Specialized brain and the nerves
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Dr. Mostafa Aghamohammadi, Laboratory Technology Specialist
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Dr. Moghadasi Jahromi Maryam, Rheumatologist Assistant Professor of “Rheumatology”
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Dr. Razeghi Effat, Nephrologist Associate Professor of “Nephrology”
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Dr. Saidi Hossein, Emergency Medicine Specialist Assistant Professor of “Emergency Medicine”
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