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In this annual meeting held approximately at the same time every year, the most important global health issues as well as financial and structural concerns of WHO (World Health Organization) are discussed and applicable decisions are made in form of statements, reports.
This year’s meeting was launched in the European Center of UN with delegate bodies of more than 190 countries. The assembly concentrates on the following subjects through general meeting sessions and specialized committees: non-contagious diseases, the previous experience of flu pandemic, international health regulations, millennium development health goals, health system reinforcement, WHO mid-term strategic goals and the 5-year strategy. WHO is also going to address issues related to some diseases including cholera, malaria, tuberculosis, polio and HIV/AIDS.
Following the proposal of WHO Regional Office for East Mediterranean and the approval of the General Assembly, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Niknam was assigned as one of the five deputies of the General Assembly’s head. Dr. Niknam is the Health Minister’s vice-chancellor in International Affairs and had participated in the meeting as the head of the Iranian body of Health and Foreign Affairs ministries.
The report further mentions that the focus of the meeting is non-contagious diseases and Dr. Niknam is going to announce Iran’s position in this regard.

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Time & Date: 07:13- 1399/3/12
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