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Dr. Talebpour, considered universally as the father of the Gastric Plication procedure, is a key member of the international coalition of plication surgeons that is forging exciting new opportunities in the field of weight loss surgery. His pioneering procedure, originally called Laparoscopic Total Vertical Gastric Plication (TVGP), broke new ground among bariatric surgeons and he is now leading the charge for its worldwide acceptance with tremendous success. His surgical results have been impressive, as has been the research reports and studies that have been generated for international review.

Practicing at Tehran University of Medical Science, Dr. Talebpour is a frequent speaker on his relatively new procedure that is receiving acclaim from the world’s medical community because it is conservative, safe and physiologically maintains the anatomy of the stomach.

Now with ten years of experience utilizing the plication procedure, Dr. Talebpour has refined elements of the technique several times (extensive wrap, bilateral plication, release of greater curvature without right gastroepiploic artery, two layers suturing at fondues zone) to guarantee the most effective results. The final version of this method, now with four years of usage, has been producing the best outcome in relation to the previous iterations.

Dr. Talebpour will be hosting a major international congregation of the world’s leading bariatric surgeons in his home country of Iran in 2011. Invited guests and keynote speakers include Dr. Ortiz (Mexico), Dr. Ramos and Dr. Galvao (Brazil), and selected surgeons that are leading the Gastric Plication front in the United States.

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