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Sina Specialized and subspecialty Hospital

Shahid Rahnemoon Field Hospital/3-day lab performance on maneuver

Sina Hospital Public Relations Department: Heidari, head of the laboratory discussed the activities performed in the laboratory during three days:

It was a good experience, especially for those who had never experienced such activities. I can say that Sina Hospital lab has tried to provide the possibility of performing all required tests; however, a few tests are going to be performed in Sina hospital because some lab equipment cannot be transferred. Overall, attempts are made to respond to the majority of requests and needs. On the first day, we were 5 and on the subsequent days another person joined us to maintain the needs in a shorter time.

It is to be noted that due to the load of referrals on the first day, some samples were taken to Sina Hospital in the afternoon and some test results were even prepared at home so that they can be delivered the next morning. The assistance and cooperation of all lab personnel should be appreciated.

Heidari further mentioned that the staff had never experienced working in a field hospital and such programs would help them to evaluate themselves and make them ready to face crises; moreover, the blessings and prayers of the patients is so valuable for us. Working in a field hospital was team work and practice and I think this is necessary for the healthcare staff. Being in such an environment teaches us to collaborate with staff of other fields when it comes to crisis and makes us think that the appropriate cooperation and unity of the whole system should be fast and accurate.

Report: Mahdieh Asadi

Photos: Gholamreza Asiabi










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