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Sina Specialized and subspecialty Hospital

Reza Shariat Moharari
Current Rank/Department: Associate Professor/Anesthesiology
Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Contact Information:
Academic Rank:  Associate Professor
Department: Anesthesiology
Address: Imam Khomeini Ave., Hasan Abad Sq., Sina Hospital
Tehran – Iran
Tel: (+9821) 88256883
Mob: (+98) 9113312758
Tel (Office): (+9821) 66348500-10
Fax: (+9821) 88276654
E-mail:  ,
2001 - 2004
Course of Specialty in “Anesthesiology”
Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Tehran – Iran
1991 - 1998
General Medicine (MD)
Islamic Azad University
Tehran – Iran
Highlighted Educational/Occupational Qualifications:
·        2nd Rank, Anesthesiology National Board Exam, August 2004
Professional Society Membership:
2001 – Present           Iranian Society of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care
Work Experience:
Executive Activities
·      2010-Present: Head of scholarship of teaching division, Education development center Tehran University of Medical Sciences
·    2009-Present: Transfusion committee, Sina Hospital
·    2008-Present: Triage committee, Sina Hospital
·    2008 – Present: Inspector agent of the Ministry of Health, Treatment & Medical Education
·        2008 – Present: CPR Committee, Sina Hospital
·        2008 – Present: CPR Committee, Tehran University of Medical Sciences
·        2007 – Present: Mortality and Morbidity Committee, Sina Hospital
·        2007 – Present: Nutrition Committee, Sina Hospital
·        2007 – 2008: Medical Documentary Committee, Sina Hospital
·        2005 – 2006: Head of the Committee for Devising Hospitals Drugs List, Ministry of Health, Food & Drugs Department
·        2004 – 2007: The Examining Committee of EM Residents’ Promotion Exams, Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Editorial Positions
·        External peer of “ Cochrane Anesthesia Reviewer Group (CARG)” (2008)
·        Reviewer of “ DARU Journal” (since 2007)
·        Reviewer of “ Saudi Medical Journal” (2007)
·        Reviewer of “Journal of Iranian Society of Anesthesiologists” (since 2005)
Clinical Activities
2007 – Present
Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Anesthesiologist (Liver Transplantation Team)
Tehran – Iran
2004 – Present
Sina University Hospital
Tehran – Iran
2004 – 2008
Imam Khomeini University Hospital
Emergency Physician
Tehran – Iran
Teaching Service
Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Associate Professor – Anesthesiology
Tehran – Iran

2004 – 2010
Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Assistant Professor – Anesthesiology
Tehran – Iran
2004 – 2008
Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Assistant Professor – Emergency Medicine
Tehran – Iran
1. Samadi A, Evaluating the effect of epidural Bupivacaine on propofol (evaluated by Bispectral index)& fentanyl maintenance dose reduction,   Specialty course of Anesthesiology, 2009 (Advisor)
2. Anbar Afshan M, Comparing the effects of midazolam-morphine and propofol-fentanyl as sedatives considering the required time for mechanical ventilation and staying in ICU and medication costs after laparatomy and vascular surgeries in Sina hospital ICU (2007-2008), Specialty course of Anesthesiology, 2009 (Advisor)
3. Golshani K, Comparing Ketofol and midazolam-fentanyl combinations in hand laceration surgery analgesia, Specialty course of "Emergency Medicine", 2009 (Advisor)
4. Fallah AH, Comparing Glide scope and Blind methods in NG tube insertion in gastroenterology surgeries, Specialty course of Anesthesiology, 2009 (Advisor)
5. Mohammadi F, Comparing intra-urethral Ketamine-Lidocaine and normal saline-Lidocaine gel combinations for cyctoscopy analgesia, Specialty course of Anesthesiology, 2009 (Consultant)
6. Khademhosseini P, Intraarticular lidocaine vs intravenous mepiridine-diazepam in anterior shoulder dislocation, Specialty Course of “Emergency Medicine”, 2007 (Advisor)
7. Rahimi E, Bonfils fiberscope: intubation conditions and hemodynamic changes without neuromuscular blockade, Specialty Course of “Anesthesiology”, 2008 (Advisor)
8. Parsaee M, Comparing analgesic and hemodynamic effects of adding high and low doses of Epinephrine to Lidocaine 1.5% for the axillary blockage of the Brachial plexus in patients undergoing hand and forearm surgeries, Specialty Course of “Anesthesiology”, 2008 (Advisor)
9. Ghorbani M, The comparative study of effects of Halloperidol, midazolame and diazepam intramuscular injection on controlling violent and agitated patients referred to ED, Specialty Course of “Emergency Medicine”, 2008 (Advisor)
10. Mahdavi AR, A study comparing the technique of spinal and general anesthesia for lumbar disc surgery: A study of 100 cases, Specialty Course of “Anesthesiology”, 2008 (Consultant)
11.Kordbache H, Evaluating Ketmaine in reducing the discomfort resulting from inserting nasogastric tube in patients hospitalized in ED, General Medicine, 2008 (Consultant)
12.Khaniabad B, Evauating the success rate of cardiopulmonary resuscitations performed in Sina Hospital, General Medicine, 2008 (Consultant) 

Research Interests:
·        Anesthesia for Organ Transplantation
·        Pain Management
·        Critical Care Medicine
·        Neuroanesthesia
·        Emergency Medicine
Research Projects:
·        Examining the effectiveness of holding journal clubs among anesthesiology residents of Sina Hospital
·        Articles


1.  Moharari RS, Najafi A, Khajavi MR, Moharari GS, Nikoobakht MR. Intraurethral instillation of ketamine for male rigid cystoscopy. J Endourol. 2010 Dec;24(12):2033-6.
2.  Moharari RS, Sadeghi J, Khajavi MR, Davari ME, Mojtahedzadeh M. Fentanyl supplement expedites the onset time of sensory and motor blocking in interscalene lidocaine anesthesia. Daru. 2010,18(4):  298-302.  
3.  Nejati A, Golshani K, Moradi Lakeh M, Khashayar P, Moharari RS(corresponding author). Ketamine improves nasogastric tube insertion.Emerg Med J. 2010 Aug;27(8):582-5.
4.  Moharari RS, Fallah AH, Khajavi MR, Khashayar P, Lakeh MM, Najafi A. Glidescope Facilitates Nasogastric Tube Insertion: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Anesthesia & Analgesia . 2010 Jan 1;110(1):115-8.
5.  Moharari  RS, Khajavi  MR, Panahkhahi M  , Mojtahedzadeh  M, Najafi A. Loss of consciousness secondary to lead    poisoning. Middle East J Anesthesiol, Middle East J Anesthesiol., 20 (3): 453-456 October 2009
6.  Moharari RS , Asl Soleymani H , Nejati A , Rezaeefar A, Meysamie AP , Khashayar P. Evaluation of Morning Report in an    Emergency Medicine Department. EMJ. Accepted (in press).
7.  Najafi A, Moharari RS (corresponding author), Khajavi MR, Salami J, Khashayar P. A giant subclavian pseudoaneurysm following vein  catheterization. Journal of Anesthesia. Accepted (in press).
8.  Khajavi MR, Aghili SB, Moharari RS (corresponding author), Najafi A, Mohtaram R, Khashayar P, Mojtahedzade M. Subcutaneous tramadol infiltration at the wound site versus intravenous administration after pyelolithotomy.Ann Pharmacother. 2009 Mar;43(3):430-5. Epub 2009 Mar 3.
9.  Sadrolsadat SH, Mahdavi AR, Moharari RS, Khajavi MR, Khashayar P, Najafi A, Amirjamshidi A. A prospective randomized trial comparing the technique of spinal and general anesthesia for lumbar disk surgery: a study of 100 cases. Surg Neurol. 2009 Jan;71(1):60-5; discussion 65.
10. Ghaffari MH, Moosavizadeh SA, Moharari RS (corresponding author), Khashayar P. Hypertonic Saline 5% Vs. lactated ringer for resuscitating patients in hemorrhage shock. Middle East J Anesthesiol., 19 (6): 1337-47, October 2008
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12. Khajavi MR, Etezadi F, Moharari RS (corresponding author), Imani F, Meysamie AP, Khashayar P, Najafi A. Effects of normal saline vs. lactated ringer's during renal transplantation. Renal Failure, 30(5):535-9, 2008
13. Moharari RS, Khademhosseini P, Espandar R, Soleimani H, Talebian A, Khashayar P, Nejati A. Intra articular lidocaine versus intravenous meperidine/ diazepam in Ant. Shoulder dislocation. EMJ,  25(5):262-4, 2008
14.  Moharari RS, Khajavi MR, Khademhosseini P, Hosseini SR, Najafi A. Sterile water as an irrigating fluid for transurethral resection of the prostate: anesthetical view of the records of 1600 cases. South Med J, 101(4), 2008
15.  Sadrolsadat SH, Shoroghi M, Farahbakhsh F, Moharreri RS, Sheikhvatan M, Abbasi A. The effect of supplemental 70% oxygen on postoperative nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing inguinal hernia surgery. Hernia Journal, 17, 2007
16.  Nejati A, Shariat Moharari R, Setaiesh, Isavi. Effect of prehospital trauma life support course on emergency medicine technicians’ knowledge in Iran. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine, 22(2), 2007
17. Soltani AE, Moharari RS (corresponding author), Ghaffari R, Zahedi H, Hajmahmoodi M. Fucosidosis and anesthesia. Saudi Med J. 28(9):1446-8, 2007
18. Khajavi MR, Najafi A, Panahkhahi, Moharari RS (corresponding author). Propacetamol and morphine in postoperative pain therapy after renal transplantation. International Journal of pharmacology, 3(2): 183-186, 2007
19.  Shariat Moharreri R, Khajavi MR, Ghazisaidi, Mojtahedzadeh M. Purple toes syndrome related to warfarin therapy. The Internet Journal of Anesthesiology, 1-5, 2005
20.  Salari P, Mojtahedzadeh M, Najafi A, Sadraie S, Bahaadini K, Moharreri M, Hadavand N, Abdollahi M. Comparison of the effect of aminophylline and low PEEP vs. high PEEP on EGF concentration in critically ill patients with ALI/ARDS. J Clin Pharm Ther. 30(2): 139-44, 2005
21.  Hadavand N, Mojtahedzadeh M, Sadray S, Moharreri RS, Shafaghi, Khajavi MR, Salari P. Pharmacokinetic behavior of theophylline following PEEP in critically ill patients with acute lung injury. Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 3: 35-40, 2004   
1.Panah Khahi M, Seiedi MS, Khajavi MR, Najafi A, Imani F, Moharari RS, Maleki M, Pilafkan N, Seiedi Sh. Assessment of the influence of common protocols administration in survival and outcomes of patients undergo cardiopulmonary resuscitation in Sina hospital. Journal of Iranian Society of Anesthesiology & Intensive Care, 30(61): 6-14, 2008
2. Moharari RS,Parsaee M,Najafi A,Ebrahim Soltani A,Khajavi MR,Khashayar P.Axillary block duration and related hemodynamic changes: high versus low dose Adrenaline addition to Lidocaine.   Tehran University Medical Journal; 66(12), March 2009: 919-925
3. Moharari RS, Soleimani H. How to manage a journal club? The Journal of Urmia University of Medical Sciences. 19 (3), 2008
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5.  Tavakkoli H, Shariat Moharari R, Najafi A, Rezaei J, Esfandiari K, Hasani M. Double blinded comparison of Lidocaine and Diazepam to prevent fasciculation and myalgia after succinylcholine. Journal of Iranian Society of Anesthesiology & Intensive Care, 29(57): 37-43, 2007
6.  Imani F, Sadrolsadat S, Najafi A, Shariat Moharari R, Meisami AP. Variations in Hematologic Indices Due to Homologous and Autologous Transfusions : A Clinical Trial. Hakim Research Journal, 9(4): 12-16, 2007
7.  Imani F, Najafi A,Sadrolsadat S, Khajavi MR, Shariat Moharari R. Evaluation of Analgesic Effect of Magnesium Sulfate in Postoperative Pain in Lumbar Spine Surgery. Journal of Iranian Society of Anesthesiology & Intensive Care, 28(53): 36-41, 2006
8.  Najafi A,Shariat Moharari R, Mojtahedzadeh M, Khajavi MR, Hadavand P, Sadraie. Pharmacokinetic behavior of theophylline following PEEP in critically ill patients with acute lung injury. Journal of Iranian Society of Anesthesiology & Intensive Care, 23(42): 26-34, 2003
 Presentations in National / International Meetings
1. Agust  2009 : The effect of low and high dose epinephrine in axillary blochade,2nd annual congress of Iranian society of regional anesthesia and pain medicine(ISRAPM) Tehran – Iran
2. May  2009 : large subclavian artery pseudoaneurysm after central vein catheterization,The first international congress of airway management and anesthesia in head and neck surgery Tehran – Iran
3. December 2008: Modes of Mechanical ventilation: SIMV/PSV and PCV , The 3rd National Congress of Emergency Medicine, Tehran – Iran
4. November 2008: Experience of the first 27 liver transplantations, failures and successes, The 11th Congress of the Middle East Society of Organ Transplantation, Shiraz – Iran (poster presentation)
5. October 2007: Intubating conditions and hemodynamic changes during endotracheal intubation employing the Bonfils fiberscope without neuromuscular blockade: a randomized controlled trial, The 5th International Congress of Intensive Care Medicine, Tehran – Iran
6. October 2007: ICU presentation of loss of consciousness due to lead contaminated opium (poster presentation), The 5th International Congress of Intensive Care Medicine, Tehran – Iran
7. September 2007: Assessment of attitude of anesthesiology residents and academic staffs in Tehran university about pain management, The 4th World Congress, Budapest – Hungary (poster presentation)
8. July 2007: Anesthesia Management in Liver TX, Updates in Liver TX-TUMS Congress, Tehran – Iran
9. May 2007: Use of ultrasound for removal of penetrating chest wall foreign body, The 3rd World Congress on Ultrasound in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, Paris – France (poster presentation)
10. May 2007: Intra articular lidocaine versus intravenous meperidine / diazepam in anterior shoulder dislocation: A randomized clinical trial, The 2nd National Congress of Emergency Medicine, Tehran – Iran
11. June 2006: Updates in CPR, Congress of Emergency Physicians, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran – Iran
12. March 2006: Percutaneous dilatational tracheotomy, Congress of Airway Physicians, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran – Iran
13. January 26, 2006: Nitric Oxide Therapy in ICU, Congress of Anesthesiologists, Tehran University of Medical Sciences , Imam Khomeini Hospital, Tehran – Iran
14. September 30, 2005: Metabolic support in critically ill septic patients + Percutaneous dilational tracheostomy workshop, The 4th International Congress of Intensive Care Medicine, Razi Conference Hall, Tehran – Iran
15. July 20, 2005: Preoperative visit for renal failure patients, Congress of Anesthesiologists, Tehran University of Medical Sciences , Imam Khomeini Hospital, Tehran – Iran
16. February 10, 2005: Pharmacokinetic behavior of aminophilline following PEEP in Ali/ ARDS patients, The 8th National and 2nd International Congress of Anesthesiology & Intensive Care, Razi Conference Hall, Tehran – Iran
·        Books
1.      Moharari SR, Arabi. Illustrated Guide to Peripheral Nerve Block. Pardis Bavaran Publications, 2008
2.       Moharari SR, Arabi. MCQs of Fink Intensive Care Medicine. Pardis Bavaran Publications, TUMS Faculties of anesthesiology, 2008
Completed Grants
·        N/A
Pending Grants
·        N/A

·        Language
o       Moderate English
o       Familiar with medical terminology
·        Computer
o       Microsoft Office
o       SPSS

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