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Sina Specialized and subspecialty Hospital


Name: Amirreza Azimi Saeen
 Sex: Male
Nationality: Iranian
Marital status: Married (No Child)                           
Date of birth: July 21, 1975
Address:  Sina Hospital, Hasan abad square, Tehran, Iran
Telephone: 0098 912 312 20 15
E Mail :



Undergraduate: 1993 High School Diploma from Kamal high school, Tehran-Iran

 Medical: 1993-2001 Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Residency: 2003-2007 Neurology residency, Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Special honours, Awards, Recognition:
1. I became first in yearly promotional exam (residency) in Tehran university of   medical science. (2006)
2. I became the top resident in the neurology department of Tehran university of  Medical science. (2006)
3. I received a congratulation award from presidential office because of the  participation  in interferon beta production.

Teaching Experiences:
1. 2003-2007: Monthly lectures on different topics for medical students, during their neurology rotation, sina hospital, nine month a year
2. 2006: Neurological emergencies, weekly lectures for interns.
3. 2007 :  Invited speaker ,  Multiple Sclerosis (Shiraz MS society)
2008-now: Teaching rounds for medical students six hours per week , sina hospital,  nine month a year.
2008-now: Teaching rounds for neurology residents four hours per week sina hospital.
2008-now: Neurological disease (different topics) for medical students two times a year each time two hours , tehran university of medical sciences
2008-now: Medical semiology for medical students two times a year each time four hours , tehran university of medical science
2008-now: full course of neurlogical disease for rehabilitation students, four hours  per week, for four months.
2008-now: Teaching nurses about multiple sclerosis, two hours a month , MS reaserch center, sina hospital


Work experiences:
2007-now: member of brain and spinal cord injury repair research center, Tehran  University of Medical Sciences , Imam Khomieni hospital.
2007-2009: Head of selection group in schowan cell project (spinal cord repair)  BASIR center Tehran University of Medical Sciences , Imam Khomieni   Hospital.
2009 : Member of Iranian Headache Society.
2009:  Member of Scientific committee ,Iranian neurological society.
2009: Member of Scientific committee , the first Iranian headache seminar.
2010-now: Member of Scientific committee , Iranian MS  society.

Published articles
1.  Sahraian MA, Motamedi M, Moghimi B, Azimi A. Androgen induced cerebral venous sinus thrombosis in a young body builder, Case Report. BMC Neurology 2004;4:22.
2.  Sahraian MA, Motamedi M, Azimi A, Paknejad SM, Bilateral thalamic calcification in a patient with cryptoccocal meningitis. European journal of neurology 2007;4:2

3.  Sahraian MA, Motamedi M, Paknejad SM, Azimi A. Coexistence of Wilson's disease and neurofibromatosis type1 in a 14-year-old  boy. Neurol India.2007;55:89-90.
4.  Motamedi M, Paknejad SM, Sahraian MA, Azimi A, Maisami A, EEG findings in asymptomatic first-degree relatives of JME, Patients. Iranian Journal of Neurology 2007; 12:26-33.
5.  Nafissi S, Azimi A. Facioscapulohumeral Dystrophy.Iranian Journal of Neurology 2007. (Review Article)
6.  Motamedi M, Karvigh SA, Sahraian MA, Azimi AR, Navardi S. lamotrigine and twin pregnancy, incidental event or possible  correlation? Seizure. 2009 Oct;18(8):580-2. Epub 2009 Jul 8 (Original article)


Ongoing research :
1. A Double-Blind, Randomized, Non-Inferiority trial: Recigen vs Rebif
      Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 2008-now.
 2. A Double-Blind, Randomized, Non-Inferiority trial: betaferon vs   ziferon Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 2011

Presentations in National & International Meetings:
1. 2008:, Multiple sclerosis treartment, Kerman MS society, Kerman, Iran (Invited speaker)
2. 2008: Inclusion criteria for schowan cell project (spinal cord repair)    ,Physical Therapy society, Tehran, Iran (Invited speaker)
3. 2008: Inclusion criteria for schowan cell project (spinal cord repair)    , genetic society, Tehran, Iran (Invited speaker)
4. 2009: Clinical discusser , CPC (neurosarcoidosis), sina hospital, Tehran, Iran
5. 2009: Binding and Neutralising Antibodies in Relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis Patients Treated with a Biosimilar
Interferon Beta-1a (CinnoVex®) (poster)
6. 2010: common paralysis, General physicians congress, Tehran, Iran (Invited speaker)
7. 2010: MS red flags, 7th International Congress of MultipleSclerosis Tehran, Iran (Invited speaker)
8. 2010: New diagnostic criteria for MS diagnosis, 17th International Congress of