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Sina Specialized and subspecialty Hospital

welcome to Sina hospital doctors and professors portal . In this section you can list about professors and doctors see Sina Hospital. Also to ease through the panel by doctors can face your doctor by name or relevant expertise .

Dr. Yaghoobi Notash Ali, General Surgeon Professor of “General Surgery”
Dr. Kosari Farid , Pathologist Associate Professor of “Pathology”
Dr. Karjalian Hossein , Radiologist Assistant Professor of “Radiology”
Dr. Yazdankhah Kenari Adel , General Surgeon Assistant Professor of “General Surgery”
Dr. Nikoobakht Mohammad Reza , Urologist Professor of “Urology”
Dr. Najafi Atabak , Anesthesiologist & Intensive Care Specialist Associate Professor of “Anesthesiology & Intensive Care”
Dr. Mehrsai Abdolrasoul , Urologist Professor of “Urology”
Dr. Moghadasi Jahromi Maryam, Rheumatologist Assistant Professor of “Rheumatology”
Dr. Mofid Alireza, Endocrinologist Assistant Professor of “Endocrinology”
Dr. Moini Majid, Vascular Surgery Subspecialist Associate Professor of “Vascular Surgery”
Dr. Gooran Shahram, Urologist Assistant Professor of “Urology”
Dr. Motamedi Mahmoud, Neurologist Associate Professor of “Neurology”
Dr. Moradi Tabriz Hedieh, Pathologist Assistant Professor of “Pathology”
Dr. Mohseni Mohammad Ghasem, Urologist Associate Professor of “Urology”
Dr. Mojtahedzadeh Mojtaba, Pharmacotherapy Subspecialist (Knee Surgery Fellowship) Professor of “Pharmacotherapy”
Dr. Gouran Savadkouhi Dariush, Orthopedic Surgeon (Knee Surgery Fellowship) Associate Professor of “Orthopedic Surgery (Knee Surgery Fellowship)”
Dr. Golbakhsh Mohammad Reza, Orthopedic Surgeon Assistant Professor of “Orthopedic Surgery”
Dr. Geranpayeh Lobat, General Surgeon Assistant Professor of “General Surgery”
Dr. Gheini Mohammad Reza, Neurologist Assistant Professor of “Neurology”
Dr. Farahmand Hassan, Urologist Assistant Professor of “Urology”


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